Johnson Zhu:You will like them, in the coming days as our friends!
Tin Wedding party in
China World Hotel Beijing
Mrs. Zhang: The party is successfully ended; it realises my dream of many years; may you business becomes more and more better!
Wedding in
Beijing Shangri-La Hotel
Annie(Rabbit Anan): It was 3 weeks before the wedding day that I happened to know the “wedding Dreamworks” wedding company. Since it was near from my living place, I soon talked with them face to face. Mr. Zhu was a nice person, after listenning to my thoughs( a lot of thoughts and high wedding decorating requirements ), he gave me a positive answer on the actionability, which really settled me a lot.
Outdoor wedding in
Beijing Kuzui Red Wine Estate
Mao Yuzhi(miwvera): The wedding was very successful, most of my sworn followers from the fashion cycle and film and television circles were think highly of it! My husband, his parents and me are all your fans, and will recommend you to our friends and relatives!
Outdoor lawn wedding in
Beijing Palm Spring hotel
Yang Lailai: Thank wedDream and thank Mr.Zhu!
Wedding&Dinner Party
Beijing Cambodia embassy outdoor lawn
Mengmeng(blue snowmen): I will remember my wedding bouquet for all my life! It is so beautiful! The tiny, tender roses with the pureness white are so tender that you can almost nip water out of them. Mr.Zhu brought it a day before the wedding day, and for fear of it be dried up, he digged a hole in the grassland and put it in. When taking out the next day, it was still fresh. Flowers on my table were so beautiful that each guest gazed them with surprise, some even took them home. What a funny thing! How attractive they were! I love Calla Lily very much, so when people, who were specialized in floriculture, told me that there won’t be any Calla Lily in May, I was downcast. The thought that I would miss Calla Lily in my wedding always sadden me until I met Mr.Zhu, who told me that he could provide me Calla Lily. He didn’t explain much on it, but did carry a big bunch of Calla Lily the day before my wedding. Seeing the Calla Lily, I was almost moved to tears. It may be conventional for me to say these words, but being a nastic person, I have to thank Mr.Zhu, thank you for giving me a wedding with Calla Lily. Since Mr.Zhu provides an extremely good service, if are going to have the wedding celemony, I strongly recommend you to book him as early as possible, or he may be booked by others.
wedding in
Beijing Wanda Sofitel Hotel
Dalin: Thank you Mr.Zhu. When I presented my wedding video before my foreign colleagues, they were all shocked. Everybody spoke highly of the filming skills.
Wedding in
Grand Millennium Hotel
Sister Bing: Thank you! Due to you hard work, we have a successful wedding today. We thank you sincerely and may you business flourish!
Wedding in
Handan Merchants Hotel
Jiang Yu: Brother, I can hardly express how much we want to thank you for helping Doudou and i finished our wedding successfully. May everything go smooth with you! We will surely bring you a gift after we back from Aegean Sea.
80th birthday party for Mr. Wei at Beijing Wangshun Pavilion Sea Food Square
Mr. Yuan from China Oil Exploration Company: Zhu, thank you very much! You really did a good job in arranging the birthday party. My father and elder brother are satisfied with it. If I were asked to prepare for it, I would just prepare for a big meal, and seldom recognize that there were many things to be particular about. In the future, as long as there is a happy occasion, I would ake you to arrange it for me.
Wedding in
Beijing Shangri-la hotel
Qianqian: Dear Zhu, Wang Jian and I sincerely thank you for the successful wedding, and thank you for you hard work! Dear Zhu, you should take care of yourself and have a good rest.( Wang Jian specially asked me to remind you of it.)
Wedding in
Beijing Jiangxi hotel
Dan Wei: The wedding was very success. You must have a hard time in preparing for it, and thank you very much!



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