Firstly, we really appreciate your concerns and trust towards Mr.Zhu’s Wedding&Party Planning studio. If you like and approve our service (please read service cases on the left for reference), you can make an appointment which is free of charge to discuss our mutual concept and service flow of wedding&party in our studio, so that we could plan ”Big Day” together.

Before consulting, you could refer to the list which contains frequently asked questions. 

Q: About district and people in service.

A: Beijing primarily, we will enlarge districts including Sanya and tourism islands in Southeast Aisa. We provide design service of wedding & party in domestic first, second and third-lines cities. Global Chinese are our customers in service.

Q: About price on design service of wedding & party?

A: We adopt European and American wedding & events planner’s payment mode, which is made up of basic design fee and brokerage (10% of arranged service program), to control and distribute your budget rationally for you. Let your expense transparent; Basic design fee is 6000 yuan&1000 dollars, extra travel expense should be paid in other districts except Beijing accordingly.

Q: Is there any fast service in package available?

A: Fast service in package is provided in Beijing or nearby, and according to the requirements of customers, we will make some adjustments on the basis of relatively standard productive design.please read the official
Taobao Mall for reference in detail.

Q: How many weddings & parties could be carried on monthly?

A: We prefer quality to quantity. Try our best to turn your “Big Day” into our sweet memories; monthly customers are not more than 4, and we promise to serve one couple a day.

Q: How long in advance to prepare wedding & Events?

A: At least 1~3months in advance is recommended. If the ”Big Day” is placed in May, September or October, at least over half a year in advance.

Q: How to contact us & appoint online?

A: please call 010-5128 9527, or send message at info@weddream.com;
You need to fill the form to make appointments online, and make telephone appointments to consult face to face.



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