Our image spokesman—the couple sheep Miemie

Q: Why do you choose “couple sheep Miemie” as the image spokesman?

A: Because this is the cartoon that both Mr. Zhu and his wife like. And “Miemie” was named by Mr. Zhu.

1.They are docile and lovely sheep, and they are one of the sincerest friends of human beings.
2.They have a pair of big eyes, reminding the friends who are preparing wedding to open their eyes to identify “service and goods”.
3.Mr. Zhu himself was born in the year of the Goat. He will help everyone prepare each wedding with his eight years’ working experience.
4.Because they know the true meaning of “Big Day”.

This is our service certification mark which applies all the goods and services in official Taobao Mall.
Our service certification consists of “couple sheep Miemie” and “postmark”, implicating that “time will prove your choice today”.

For a perfect wedding &events and encounter, just like them, you will become our friends—Mr. Zhu.







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