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Johnson Zhu
If you like, you can call me ZhuZhu
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Occupational Age:10 Years
He is a boy , a father ,a friend!

I love my extraordinarily talented team of vendors. They are creative geniuses, and they are fearless.

My daughter and my first entire case of wedding

Mr. Zhu is a good father but not a good husband. Because On October 7 th, 2006, Mr. Zhu and his colleagues were preparing for wed Dreams first actually entire case of wedding the wedding of Xiaojing at Beijing Jin Jiang Fu Yuan Hotel, located at Yizhuang Economic Development Zone. The wedding ended at abut 12:00 pm. Mr. Zhu didnt arrive at hospital until 2:00 pm. When he arrived, his mother in-law scolded him badly because they were all waiting him to sign for the caesarean operation.

Therefore, Mr. Zhu loves his daughter and also wedDream, because they have the same birthday!

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