wedDream is a registered trademark in China.Since 2003,Our Studio begin to planning Weddings&Events in Beijing.

International wedding service--from wedDream !
"Everything we do is just for the sake of your own dream wedding, everything we try is just
to let you have eternal memories of happiness!"
We promote a new philosophy of life style. For all the most memorable day,we provide
the most particular planning services.
All of us will show you the most front-end wedding culture, to make your wedding not only in your life, but also in your family people’s lives, a most special ceremony. We will provide you the top of your distinguished service. On the basis of respecting your personality and abits, we will meticulously plan every wedding, party and banquet and provide istinguished service for you.

Planning team
To dream of more and more beatiful weddings&Events! Our  planner is just like your eyes and hands, we will understand your intentions of thought through customer negociation system. ’One-on-one’ full consulting system, more accurately understand and grasp your needs,we will build up the top-quality distinguished wedding for you. On the wedding day, we will send an elite wedding service team and provide the wedding dress rehearsal let you fully enjoy the wedding respected in the process of courtesy,keeping elegant posture!
we focus on experience and innovation, not formula and routine. Discretion and confidentiality underscore our devotion to realizing our clients’ wishes and dreams.

witness of love,sharing happiness,creating moving

Growth footprint

In November, 2003: The brand of “wedDream”was gotten by the beautiful love of“Jiang Kun”who is Zhu Junchao’s childhood friend. Mr. Jiang came from a video family. (He and his brother –Jiang Lun running the professional wedding video--- Laffetion wedding video); 

In August, 2006: High-quality video products and good reputation made us have many customers of mainstream wedding agencies in Beijing which include China Marriage Expo. Our video service was booked by the friends, classmates, and colleagues who are introduced by more and more customers. At the same time, they also put forward some new demands about our scale of service. They hope we can offer overall planning of wedding, recommending floristry and related service of personnel.

In September, 2006: A good friend Zhu Junchao who is work in the Association of Wedding Service Industry took part in the “webDream”. In order to satisfy more new couples’ requirement, the wedding consulting department was set up. It offered professional service which can free of worry and save money for the new couples. The customers of whole wedding case has reached 28 couples until the late of 2006;  

In May, 2007: The brand of “webDream” has gotten the registered trademark certificate of State Trademark Office. At the same time, congratulating the wedding service has list in the national economy classification as a subfield.
GB national standardization committee coordinated the related unit to draft the industry standard. (The operation director Zhu Junchao has the honor to participant the framework design);

In October, 2007:  The cooperation ability of team has met serious test for the service of the theme wedding---“the big day of CaiFu”, which has 3000 guests in the wedding. To service 3000 guests is the most one in the wedding industry;

In November, 2007: We have serviced a couple returned from America. They brought us three collections of Preston Bailey who is the international party design master. Visual feast brought us new demands;

In February, 2008: We brought the wedding information management system, and gradually built and improved the product and service standards which service for the middle-end, high-end income people.

In March, 2008: The allopatry service ability was challenged—Beijing customers, accompanied by guests, held a seaside wedding in Sanya. After a careful preparation, a subject wedding called “Love Song of Coconut and Sea” was held successfully, with 37 guests attending. This is a wedding that both hosts and guests honeymoon together;

In December, 2008: WedDream successfully held the first private wedding ceremony in the Macao Hall of Great Hall of the People (secret);

In January 2009, short message service center was set up. Then, each couple of our customers can receiver festival greetings on their wedding anniversary;
In 2011:  Mr. Zhu — the weddings planner required quality and gave up quantity. He actively promoted the European and American weddings planner’s service mode—planning fee + commission(10%), aiming to provide weddings of humanistic quality.


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